Podcast now available online: Research project on elder abuse in private rental housing

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21 February 2023
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20 April 2023
March 23, 2023

The podcast produced by CREGÉS postdoctoral member Julien Simard is now available on the Web. There are two episodes available in French, English and LSQ (sign language). 

Produced as part of Mr. Simard’s research project entitled “Harassment and abuse of the elderly in private rental housing: findings on a little-known problem,” these podcast episodes will also be broadcast during the official launch and public discussion taking place on March 24 (English) and March 28 (French) in Montreal.  This podcast, as well as the public discussion activities, is intended for people who work with seniors and the general public. 


To listen to the podcasts, head to the project webpage:

Project website



To learn more about the English event on March 24 To learn more about the French event on March 28
March 24 activity (English) March 28 activity (French)