The team | Coordination

Management team

  • Cindy Starnino, Director of Academic Affairs, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Christiane Montpetit, Coordinator, Academic Affairs management, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Maya Cerda, Chief, Program Administration - CREGÉS, Academic Affairs management, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Patrik Marier, Scientific Director of CREGÉS and Professor at the Department of Political Science at Concordia University
  • Shannon Hebblethwaite, Associate Scientic Director of CREGÉS and Associate professor at the Applied Human Sciences Department at Concordia University

Institutional researchers

Coordinators, Domains of Expertise

Research team, coordination and support

  • Gabrielle Legendre, Knowledge Mobilization and Transfer Coordinator (
  • Michèle Modin, Research Coordinator (
  • Karine Ohayon, Communication Technician (
  • Stephane Pavrette, Administrative Officer (
  • Virginie Tuboeuf, Administrative Technician (
  • Rym Zakaria, Librarian (

Graduate and postgraduate students also act as research officers within the context of specific projects.

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