For close to 20 years, the CREGÉS has developed specific expertise aimed at developing and sharing knowledge related to the best practices in palliative care.

Research projects that support the development of Leading practices in this area of expertise draw upon a psychosocial approach which takes into account, among others, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, identity and relational needs. This work values the recognition of growing psychosocial needs of seniors, in the final stage of life, and of their relatives, both during disease and bereavement.

The CREGÉS organizes and promotes various activities and achievements (e.g.: scientific publications, programs, guides and tools, etc.) on diverse themes like

identification of needs specific to seniors in the final stage of life and their relatives, access to palliative care, improved practices by professionals and volunteers providing palliative care and final stage of life care at home, representations of death, ‘’good death’’, etc.

Information: Patrick Durivage, Coordinator, Area of Expertise in Palliative Care, CREGÉS, CIUSSS West-Central Montréal

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Consult the calendar of Palliative Care Rounds (PCR) 2019-2020

Interactive workshops for families caring for someone living with serious illness

A serie of 10 free interactive workshops in French and English will be offered from April to June 2021 by CREGÉS experts.

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