Patrick Durivage

Coordinator, Domain of Expertise in Palliative Care, CREGÉS, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

For close to 20 years, the CREGÉS has developed specific expertise aimed at developing and sharing knowledge related to the best practices in palliative care.

Research projects that support the development of leading practices in this area of expertise draw upon a psychosocial approach which takes into account, among others, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, identity and relational needs. This work values the recognition of the growing psychosocial needs of seniors, in the final stage of life, and of their relatives, both during illness and during bereavement.

The CREGÉS organizes and promotes various activities and projects (e.g.: scientific publications, programs, guides and tools, etc.) on diverse themes like the identification of needs specific to seniors in the final stage of life as well as their relatives', accessibility of palliative care, improving practices of professionals and volunteers providing palliative and end-of-life care at home, representations of death, a "good death," and more.

Information: Patrick Durivage, Coordinator, Domain of Expertise in Palliative Care, CREGÉS, CIUSSS West-Central Montréal

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CHEZ SOI JUSQU’À LA FIN ? Désirs et motivations des Québécois et Québécoises âgées quant à leur lieu de fin de vie et de décès.
Statistical Report 

Do the vast majority of Quebecers really want to be able to die at home? And if so, how can we explain the discrepancy between this presumed desire and the very low proportion of deaths at home (10%)? These are the questions behind the research project « Chez soi jusqu’à la fin ? Entre désirs et possibilités de mourir à domicile ». 

Funded by CREGÉS and SSHRC, the project is being led by several CREGÉS members: Isabelle Van Pevenage (institutional researcher) is the principal researcher, Patrik Marier (Scientific Director) and Valérie Bourgeois-Guerin (regular member) are co-researchers, and Patrick Durivage (coordinator of the Palliative Care Domain of Expertise) is a collaborator.  

The project includes a population-based survey of 1,000 Quebecers aged 65 and over on their wishes, perceptions and beliefs about where they want to end their lives and die. This statistical report presents some of the results of this survey so that they can be mobilized by all players interested in these issues. 

 Download the report (In French)

Interactive workshops for families caring for someone living with serious illness

A series of 10 free interactive workshops on this subject was offered in French and English by CREGÉS experts.

Download the pamphlet for more information.

Poster: Mourir chez soi au Québec: entre souhaits, échos du terrain et conditions de possibilité (in French) 

This community of practice is an independent initiative coordinated by Patrick Durivage, coordinator of the Domain of Expertise in Palliative Care. The page was created in 2016 to respond to the reality that many practitioners are isolated in their professional practice. Its aim is for them to use this space to exchange information with one another and reflect on their practice.


Presentation by Patrick Durivage, Coordinator of the Domain of Expertise in Palliative Care, CREGÉS

April 4, 2023

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