Thank you to Marie-Michèle Lord, Daniel Dickson and Julien Simard for their testimonies.

CREGÉS counts approximately 70 students (certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and post-doctorate) whose topic of research project, thesis, dissertation or post-doctorate is related to social gerontology.

To encourage social gerontology research, CREGÉS offers students scholarships as well as financial assistance for new projects and for the dissemination and sharing of research results.

CREGÉS students also have the opportunity to exchange with university and institutional researchers from different fields of study, research-practitioners, collaborators from practice settings, professionals within the research centre and other students interested in the social aspect of aging.

Being a CREGÉS student provides learning opportunities in social gerontology and implications for practice, participating in networking events and receiving opportunities in research supervision and research assistantship contracts.

To become a CREGÉS student, you must be under the supervision of a regular CREGES researcher for a research project related to social gerontology. Consult the list of our members

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