NEW BOOK | The Four Lenses of Population Aging: Planning for the Future in Canada’s Provinces

Memoir – Countering Mistreatment of Older Adults
21 March 2021
SSHRC Insight Grant for the project ”Chez soi jusqu’à la fin ? Entre désirs et possibilités de mourir à domicile”
14 May 2021

Drawing on over a hundred interviews with senior civil servants and thousands of policy documents, The Four Lenses of Population Aging (University of Toronto Press) is a significant contribution to public administration, provincial politics, and comparative public policy literatures, and a timely resource for policymakers and general readers seeking an informed perspective on a timely and important issue.

With its implications for health care, the economy, and an assortment of other policy areas, population aging is one of the most pressing issues facing governments and society today, and confronting its complex reality is becoming increasingly urgent, particularly in the age of COVID-19. In The Four Lenses of Population Aging, Patrik Marier, CREGÉS Scientific Director and professor in Political Science Department at Concordia University looks at how Canada’s ten provinces are preparing for an aging society. Focusing on a wide range of administrative and policy challenges, this analysis explores multiple actions from the development of strategic plans to the expansion of long-term care capacity. To enhance this analysis, Marier adopts four lenses: the intergenerational, the medical, the social gerontological, and the organizational. By comparing the unique insights and contributions of each lens, Marier draws attention to the vital lessons and possible solutions to the challenges of an aging society.

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