Politique pour les centres d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée privés – Policy template

Organisational tool


This tool is designed to support private residential and long-term care facilities in the process of developing or reviewing their policy to counter the mistreatement to ensure compliance with the Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persones of full age in vulnerable situations.

This is a sample policy with numbered boxes to be filled in by private establishments. This tool is accompanied by an instruction document providing the necessary guidelines for filling in each of the numbered boxes with the appropriate information.

This tool can be used in whole or in part by private residential and long-term care facilities. It is complementary to Tous concernés : outil de soutien au développement et à la révision des politiques de lutte contre la maltraitance envers les aînés et toute autre personne majeure en situation de vulnérabilité.