Modèle de gestion des situations de maltraitance envers les personnes aînées : Outils de synthèse

Clinical and Organizational Tool

3rd edition, 2019

Developed by the CREGÉS, based on an exhaustive literature review and consultations with key members of the Quebec Health and Social Services Network, this conceptual model aims to structure the management of situations of older adult mistreatment. It illustrates the key elements of the management of mistreatment situations and the different areas of expertise required to offer care and services adapted to the situation of the mistreated person. In this sense, it reaffirms the importance of developing strong collaborations with different partners. This model also highlights the non-linearity of the response. Indeed, following the identification, other key elements may be carried out in different orders or simultaneously, depending on the situation. Finally, the model emphasizes the right to consent of the older adult throughout the process (except in emergency situations or other exceptions specified by the Act to combat elder abuse and any other vulnerable adult, RLRQ, Chapter L.6-3).