FQRS Grant – Living Lab “”Les environnements intelligents en soutien à l’écosystème des aînés fragiles et isolées”

Tip Sheet and Training to Support the Inclusion of LGBTQ+ Older Adults
17 May 2021
SSHRC Partnership Grant for the Aging in #Data project
16 July 2021

Mélanie Couture (Principal Investigator) and Sandra Smele (Co-researcher) of CREGÉS received a grant for a “Living Lab/Laboratoire vivant” in the City of Cote Saint-Luc.

Congratulations to Mélanie Couture, CREGÉS Institutional Researcher and Researcher in charge of the Health and Social Care Technology and Intervention Assessment (HSCTIA) (Principal Investigator), to Sandra Smele, Coordinator of Expertise in Inclusive Aging, Diversity, Health and Well-Being (IDSB) (Co-researcher) and to all the other team members for this FRQS grant as part of the program 2nd Competition of the platform of funding programs for intersectoral research on aging – Living Lab.

This project aims to co-develop, with partners, in a city-wide Living Lab. The City of Côte Saint-Luc is a model of support around intelligent environments to optimize the identification and use of community resources by frail and isolated older adults. These resources include services from the city, the health and social services system, and community organizations, combined with support from families and community volunteers. This digital ecosystem aims to enable older adults to live at home as long as possible.