Information: Zelda Freitas, Coordinator, Area of Expertise in Caregiving, CREGÉS, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

For close to 30 years, the CREGÉS has developed a domain of expertise focussed on the development and knowledge transfer of evidence-informed and best practices in relation to caregivers.

The Caregiver Support Center was its first achievement in the development of Leading practices based on a Strengths and Resilience approach. It was then followed by the development of respite services, a home-based stimulation program, a consultation and short-term psychosocial counselling service for caregivers, as well as, psycho-educational support groups and workshops. In addition, the expertise led to the creation of several training programs, academic lectures, presentations and partnerships to educate professionals, students and healthcare partners on challenges faced by caregivers in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

Research projects that support the development of Leading practices in this area of expertise stem from the recognition of the diversity of caregivers’ lived experience and of their shared psychosocial, information and practical needs within the societal context.

The CREGÉS organizes and promotes various activities and achievements (e.g.: scientific publications, programs, guides and tools, etc.) on diverse themes including work-care conciliation; grief, losses and adaptation; identity; living environments, self-care; palliative care; public policy, etc.

Programs, guides, tools & Partnership

Caregivers of Long-Term Care Residents in the Context of COVID-19: Current Knowledge, Inspiring Practices and Recommendations.
Rapid response led by the CREGÉS to help the Health and Social Services Network better support caregivers in the context of the pandemic and beyond.

Guide to Conducting Collective Bereavement Rituals in Montreal in the time of COVID-19.
Tool produced by the direction de la santé publique of the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal, in collaboration with a team of experts from the CREGÉS: Valérie Bourgeois-Guérin, Isabelle Van Pevenage et Zelda Freitas.

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