BOOK LAUNCH: ”Getting Wise About Old Age. Debunking Myths About Aging”

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1 September 2020
CREGÉS Conferences: Launch of 2020-2021 Programming
21 October 2020

In connection with the National Senior’s Day on October 1, the Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS) is proud to annonce the launch of the joint publication ''Getting Wise About Old Age. Debunking Myths About Aging'' (UBC PRESS).

About 60 authors from various organizations and disciplines contributed to the 31 chapters, which tackle a number of myths about aging. Among the themes are retirement, older workers, mourning, housing, caregivers, social or political involvement, aging in penitentiaries, aging with a disability, the digital world, sexuality, and more. The authors hope their book will contribute to a better general understanding of the difficulties, as well as the benefits, of an aging society.

This book is the English version of " Les vieillissements sous la loupe. Entre mythes et réalités '' (PUL) published in 2018. The books are the product of a collective project carried out by the Vieillissements, exclusions sociales et solidarités (VIES) partnership research team and the CREGÉS.

As part of the launch, short bilingual video clips, featuring the authors will be posted on the CREGÉS YouTube channel. Theses videos series were produced by the Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) project, in collaboration with VIES team and CREGÉS.

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