Recognize and identify people suffering from chronic illnesses who could benefit from palliative care

CREGÉS Conference
Date: October 16, 2019
Schedule: 14:00 to 15:00
  • Maryse Carignan, Nurse; Clinical advisor, CISSS Laval; Member of the Commission sur les soins de fin de vie au Québec
Organizers(s): CREGÉS
Location: {"address":"CLSC Ren\u00e9-Cassin, 2nd floor Room ASSS","lat":45.4754941999999999779902282170951366424560546875,"lng":-73.6671032999999937374013825319707393646240234375,"zoom":14,"place_id":"ChIJ67fZDcsQyUwRHZDCdU8hw6c","street_number":"5800","street_name":"Boulevard Cavendish","street_name_short":"Boul Cavendish","city":"C\u00f4te Saint-Luc","state":"Qu\u00e9bec","state_short":"QC","post_code":"H4W 2T5","country":"Canada","country_short":"CA"}
Webcast option: Yes
Language: French

Maryse Carignan will present a clinical tool created for early detection of patients suffering from chronic illnesses that could benefit from a palliative care approach. This tool will be deployed in Quebec.