L’expérience des partenaires quant aux relations amoureuses avec une personne atteinte de troubles neurocognitifs majeurs (TNCM) résidant en CHSLD

CREGÉS Lunch-and-Learn
Date: December 12, 2023
Schedule: 12:00 to 13:00
Organizers(s): CREGÉS
Location: Online
Webcast option: Yes
Language: French

This webinar is based on dissertation research carried out among the romantic partners of people with a major neurocognitive disorder living in a Montreal long-term care facility. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the aim of gathering testimonials. This presentation will provide a better understanding of experiences of love and intimacy in this context, with a view toward improving practice. This approach is based on recognition theory, with a focus on the concept of ageism.

Flavie Perron
is a CREGÉS student member, under the supervision of Maryse Soulières.