Extending definitions of ‘who counts’ in family caregiving: Highlighting diversity within intergenerational and community caregiving

CREGÉS Conference
Date: November 25, 2015
Schedule: 10:00 to 11:00
  • Ilyan Ferrer, PhD, Professor, Social work Department, University of Calgary.
Location: SB 403, 1590 Dr. Penfield
Webcast option: No
Language: English

This presentation examines caregiver diversity in order to better inform the current context of family care in Canada, and reduce discrimination in formal care responses to family caregivers. Drawing on data from an ethnographic study on older Filipino diaspora in Montreal, this presentation highlights how unique configurations of care (which include intergenerational families, fictive kin, and community members) are provided especially in contexts of adversity and scarcity. By including ‘non-normative’ kinship-care, this presentation will highlight the importance of alternative models of caregiving that exist within and among marginalized communities.