Caregiver Support

For over 25 years the team for Leading practices in Caregiver Support of the CREGÉS has developed specific expertise aimed at developing and sharing knowledge about the best practices in terms of support to caregivers. The Caregiver Support Center was the first achievement and over time, respite, a home-based simulation program, a short-term program of consultation and psychosocial evaluation, of training and of psychosocial as well as educational support groups have been developed.

Research projects that support the development of Leading practices in this area of expertise stem from the recognition of heterogeneous experience lived by caregivers and of their specific psychosocial needs. This work is based on principles of accessibility, efficiency, relevance and listening.

The CREGÉS organizes and promotes various activities and achievements (e.g.: scientific publications, programs, guides and tools, etc.) on diverse themes like gender notions, work-care balance, sexuality, mourning, accommodation, palliative care, etc.