Zelda Freitas, M.T.S.

Coordinator, Area of Expertise in Caregiving, CREGÉS

Research interests:

Zelda Freitas holds a master’s degree in social work from McGill University. She worked with clients in loss of autonomy for 28 years as a social worker and clinical supervisor. As a coordinator, she has been actively engaged in developing, conceptualizing and implementing best practices in terms of psychosocial support, palliative care, caregiver support and grief, loss & bereavement. As a research-practitioner, she has been involved in several research projects and she lectures at national, Canadian and international conferences. As a trainer, she teaches professionals, students, the general public and volunteers about the challenges faced by caregivers. Since 1998, she has also been a member of the McGill Council on Palliative Care, whose goal is to raise public awareness about palliative care.

Contact information:

514-484-7878, #61203