This program aims to…

Accompany older adults who feel the need to explore their opportunities for community participation

Promote community participation and the mental health of older adults who are likely to experience isolation or social exclusion

At a glance

For whom? For groups of 5-10 older adults who are experiencing psychosocial issues, with or without a mental illness diagnosis, that limit their community participation.

Why? Increase participation in activities and socialization spaces available in the community.

Where? In health and social service establishments, community organizations or residences.

By whom? Healthcare professionals, community practitioners, or peer helpers.

Count Me In! is a ready-to-use program, available in English and French, with flexible and adaptable activities. It includes animation materials, tools, adaptation ideas, video clips and more!


Current research

The Count Me In! Program is coming to community centres!

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8 Themes

1. What does community participation involve?
2. Targeting your strengths
3. The community, a source of opportunity
4. Spend to participate?
5. Aging: how to adapt?
6. Communication: a tool for participating
7. Social network: staying connected
8. Community networks: finding your voice


Workshop Manual
Participation Workbook
Use of videoconferencing with older adults
Implementation guide for HLMs
Workshop manual for community centres

Video Modules

1. Count Me In! in short
2. Introduction to Count Me In!
3. Individual interview - Part 1 of Count Me In!
4. Group workshops - Part 2 of Count Me In!
5. Visits to the community - Part 3 of Count Me In!
6. Media Capsules - Part 4 of Count Me In!
7. Ten things you should consider to lead a workshop for seniors
8. Potential issues in group leadership

Media Capsules

Tableaux réalisés dans le cadre du volet 4 - Capsules médiatiques, par les participants au programme Participe-Présent animé par Martine Hilaire, intervenante de milieu et de proximité

Le CREGÉS et l’équipe de recherche en partenariat «Vieillissements, exclusions sociales et solidarités » (VIES) sont fiers de proposer le programme Participe-présent, fruit d’une collaboration étroite entre des chercheurs, des intervenants du RSSS ainsi que des partenaires des milieux communautaire et associatif. Le programme Participe-Présent a été créé par Manon Parisien, Kareen Nour, Anne-Marie Belley, Véronique Billette, Ginette Aubin, Alan Regenstreif

(2018). Programme Participe-présent : Promouvoir la participation communautaire et la santé mentale des aînés.