The team | Coordination

Management team

  • Cindy Starnino, Director of Academic Affairs, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Christiane Montpetit, Coordinator, Academic Affairs management, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Maya Cerda, Chief, Program Administration - CREGÉS, Academic Affairs management, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Patrik Marier, Scientific Director of CREGÉS and Professor at the Department of Political Science at Concordia University
  • Shannon Hebblethwaite, Associate Scientic Director of CREGÉS and Associate professor at the Applied Human Sciences Department at Concordia University

Institutional researchers

Coordinators of development of Leading practices

Research team, coordination and support

  • Milaine Alarie, Planning, Programming and Research Officer, UETMISSS (
  • Julie Beausoleil, Research Coordinator (
  • Margaux Blamoutier, Project Coordinator, Provincial Mandate, Portrait of Services and Support Measures for Caregivers (
  • Gabrielle Legendre, Knowledge Mobilization Officer (
  • Yamina Oulhaci, Research Officer (
  • Stephane Pavrette, Administrative Officer (
  • Virginie Tuboeuf, Administrative Technician (

Graduate and postgraduate students also act as research officers within the context of specific projects.