Inclusive Aging, Diversity, Health and Well-Being

For over 25 years, the team for Leading practices in Prevention and Health Promotion for Seniors of the CREGÉS has developed a specific expertise aimed at promoting a positive image of aging and at improving clinical and communitarian practices to improve quality of life and the physical, psychological and social well-being of seniors.

The research projects that support the development of Leading practices in this area of expertise are structured around five axes of the Ottawa Charter (World Health Organization), 1986): 1) improving personal skills, 2) creating enabling environments, 3) reinforcing community action and social commitment, 4) providing practitioners with tools and 5) developing a committed policy. This work presents prevention and health promotion as processes that provide individuals with the means to ensure greater control of their own health.

The CREGÉS organizes and promotes various activities and achievements (e.g.: scientific publications, programs, guides and tools, etc.) on diverse themes like social participation, maintenance of cognitive vitality, promotion of physical activity, self-management of chronic diseases, intergenerational cohabitation, etc.

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